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Making Christianity Illegal?

Dr. Benjamin Wiker writes the following article on Church/State relations:

While we are not asked to worship the president, congress, or the courts, we are, step by step, being compelled to bow to their moral agenda.

Consider Bill H. R. 1913, the “Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009.” Allegedly, it only dealt with so-called “hate crimes,” that is, violent crimes against someone “motivated by prejudice based on the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of the victim.”

So, it would seem that preaching against homosexuality, having in your possession a Bible that contains passages that clearly state that homosexuality is a sin, or belonging to a church that has a well-defined moral rejection of homosexuality would not land you in jail.

Or would it? The problem, as critics pointed out, is that under current U.S. law, any action that “abets, counsels, commands, [or] induces” a perceived “hate crime” shares in the guilt of that crime, and is therefore punishable.

Consider another angle, and another moral issue. Will it soon be illegal to oppose abortion? If an abortion clinic is bombed, then isn’t any opposition to abortion, however peaceful and reasonable, aiding and abetting the perpetrator? Or, who would ever have thought that the 1970 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), that was fashioned to combat organized crime, would be used against peaceful protestors outside of abortion clinics?

If you think things won’t go too far, look northward, to Canada. In 1998 a pair of abortion protestors were arrested outside a clinic, one with a sign that said, straight from the Bible, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” The result: jail in a maximum security prison.

Another Canadian Christian, a nurse, was fined by the nurses’ association for speaking out against abortion—to the tune of $15,000 Canadian dollars. A Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission nailed the same nurse for speaking out against homosexuality. The fine? $20,000.

The list goes on. In 2002 a Canadian Catholic high school was forced by the Ontario Supreme Court to allow a male student to take his boyfriend to the prom. A Lesbian pair is suing Vancouver’s Knights of Columbus to allow them to rent a hall for their wedding, seeking the state power of the British Columbia Human Rights Council to bring the hammer down on the heads of the Catholic Knights. A homosexual choir is suing a Mennonite church who won’t allow them to use their camp retreat premises for a weekend retreat, asking the friendly folk at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission to compel the Christians to open their doors.

Continuing reading this issue of tothesource. . . .

A Few Thoughts From Larry Elder’s The Ten Things You Can’t Say In America

Cover of "The Ten Things You Can't Say in...

Cover of The Ten Things You Can't Say in America

Actually, I only point out five categories of unpopular or politically incorrect thoughts and facts that secular-progressives would have us ignore.

“Hate crime legislation forces us to place greater value on some victims because of race. By all means, we should prosecute bad conduct. But if I’m standing at an ATM machine and a Ku Klux Klansman hits me in the back of the head with a brick, the operative word is not “Klansman.” It is “brick.” — P.27

“Good motives aside, white condescension does more damage than good. White condescension says to a black child, “The rules used by other ethnic groups don’t apply to you. Forget about “work hard, get an education, posses good values. No, for you, we’ll alter the rules by lowering the standards and expecting less.'” Expect less, get less.” –P.68

“The Heritage Report further showed that children born outside of wedlock were more likely to engage in early sexual activity, and themselves have children out of wedlock. The report further stated, “Compared to children living with both biological parents in similar socioeconomic circumstances, children of never-married mothers exhibit 68 percent more antisocial behavior, 24 percent more headstrong behavior, 33 percent more hyperactive behavior, 78 percent more peer conflict, and 53 percent more dependency. Overall, children of never-married mothers have behavioral problems that scores nearly three times higher than [those of] children raised in comparable intact families.” — P.162

“People in Canada wait in lines for hip replacements. According to an orthopedic surgeon in Ontario, the wait for an office appointment is four to eight months, and another twelve months to twenty-two months for the surgery.” — P.183

“Thirty-One states in America allow citizens to carry concealed weapons, nearly all, first requiring both a permit and training. In all, thirty-one states, the murder rate declined. True, most categories of crime in America are declining, but the states that allow citizens the right to carry concealed weapons saw even bigger decreases in homicide.” — P.272

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