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Why have Some not Found the Light?

Charles H. Spurgeon by Ron AdairAre you are among those with whom God is angry every day? How can you bear such a state? If you would simply lay hold to Christ by faith, you would possess a joy and peace passing all understanding. Charles H. Spurgeon writes:

Why have some not found the light? It may be that you have sought peace with God only occasionally; after an earnest sermon, you have been awakened; but when the sermon has been concluded, you have gone back to your slumber like the sluggard who turns again upon his bed. After a sickness, or when there has been a death in the family, you have then zealously bestirred yourself; but before long you have declined into the same carelessness as before. Remember he who wins the race is not the one who runs in spurts, but the one who continues running to the end. No man gets Christ by thinking of him only now and then, and in the mean time regards vanity and falsehood in his heart. He only shall have Christ who must have him, who must have him now, and who gives his whole heart to him, and cries, “I will seek him till I find him, and when I find him I will never let him go.”

Let me remind you that the great reason why earnest souls do not get speedy rest lies in this: they are disobedient to the one plain gospel precept, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” I would pin them to this point. It is not necessary at all to combat their doubts and fears; we may do it, but I do not know that we are called upon to do so; the plain matter of fact is, God lays down a way of peace, and you will not have it. God says by believing in Jesus you shall live: you will not believe in Christ, and yet hope to live! God reveals to you his dear Son and says, “Trust him,” and moreover, “He that believeth not God hath made him a liar” (1 John 5:10), and yet you dare to make God a liar; every minute that you live in a state of unbelief, you, as far as you can, make God to be a liar! What an atrocity for any one of us to fall into! What an amazing presumption for a sinner to live in who professes to be seeking peace with God! (Advice for Seekers)

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