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Family Worship

From the pen of Jerry Marcellino:

The lifelessness experienced in so many churches in our day can be traced directly to the multitudes of families in those churches which contain Sunday-morning Christians only. It is plain to see the cause for such deadness when such individuals are not consistently worshiping God in private. Statistics reveal that only 11 percent of all professing Christians in America read their Bible or some portion of it once a day. If so few professing Christians are spending time alone with God, it should not be surprising that family worship as a practice among professing Christian families is practically nonexistent.

5 Responses

  1. Well you just hit the nail on the head with this one.


  2. This is because the current church, pastor centered, system makes spectators instead of participators out of Christians. (1Co 14:26) What is our conclusion, brothers? Whenever you come together, let everyone be ready with a psalm or a teaching or a revelation, or ready to use his gift of tongues or give an interpretation; but let everything be for edification. The 21st century church is nothing like the book of Acts church. Act 2:42 And they were continuing steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine, and in fellowship and in the breaking of the loaves, and in prayers. No one had to tell them to fellowship with other believers, no one had to tell them to read the word, no one had to tell them to pray.


  3. What a timely post – straight to the point! I have just been dealing with this (unfortunately very often neglected) topic. Thank you for posting this.


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