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Spurgeon On The Worm That Devours Usefulness

Charles H. Spurgeon

We need to have genuine faith in everything that God has revealed through the Bible. We must have faith in the truth and in its power. The preacher’s faith must be one of absolute certainty that if God’s Word is preached, it will produce fruit. Charles H. Spurgeon writes:

If our declarations of truth are fairly and honestly stated, and then argued against—well and good; but when they are misrepresented, and tortured to mean what we never meant them to mean, then we are not careful to reply. When this happens to you, count it no strange thing. Reckon that because they cannot overcome the truth itself, they fashion an image of it stuffed with straw, and then burn it with childish exultation. Let them enjoy their game as they may. Brethren, I do not believe that God will set his seal to a ministry which does not aim at being strictly in accordance with the mind of the Spirit. In proportion as a ministry is truthful, other things being equal, God can bless it. Would you have the Holy Ghost set his seal to a lie? Would you have him bless what he has not revealed, and confirm with signs following that which is not truth? I am more and more persuaded that if we mean to have God with us we must keep to the truth. It is an almost invariable rule, that when men go aside from the old faith they are seldom successful in soul-winning. I could appeal to all observers whether it is not so, and whether men, powerful in other ways, do not become barren and unfruitful as to the salvation of others when they become doubters rather than believers. If you enquire into the worm which has devoured the root of their usefulness, you will find that it is a want of faith upon some great, cardinal principle—a want of faith which may not be displayed in their public ministry, but lurks within, poisoning their thoughts. You must be with the Holy Ghost if you are to have the Holy Ghost with you. (Sermon: “The Preacher’s Power, and the Conditions of Obtaining it”)

2 Responses

  1. I would have to completely agree here with Spurgeon. God definitely is not going to bless a lie, neither a liar. We must be true to the word of God as defined by the Holy Spirit. When God sets his seal on a ministry, it must be genuine, otherwise why would God bless it?

    -Don Preece


  2. Bravo, you weren\’t mistaken :)


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