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  • February 2011
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Christians In The Military

Do Christian troops have a right to separate shower facilities from homosexuals? Do Christian military members have the right to separate sleeping quarters? Do they have the right to not be sexually harassed on the job by somebody who’s hitting on them? Is it OK to be openly homosexual in the military, but not openly Christian? Chad Groening writes:

A former Navy chaplain has launched a petition drive aimed at defending military chaplains and Christian troops from persecution by proponents of homosexuality.

In December, Lt. Col. Stacy L. Maxey (USAF), who is stationed in Afghanistan, wrote a letter to the editor of Stars and Stripes arguing that the Department of Defense has now become the “Department of Double Standards,” in telling service members who have a problem with the homosexual lifestyle to “learn to deal with it,” while at the same time allowing homosexuals to “parade their lifestyle choices in front of all.”

Maxey went on to write that he has a higher commitment to God than to the Department of Defense — and that if officials there are upset with his comments, they can “learn to deal with it.”

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2 Responses

  1. You know what as Christians and none Christians, we seem to worry about the wrong things in life.we are so worried about if someone that is in a war zone standing next to you in the shower is a homesexual or parading around acting like some wierdo.That same homesexual that you are sitting up here complaining about might be the same person that saves your life.It is not up to us to judge any.But as a man of God I am here to help everyone,regardless of race,religion, or sexuality. Before you start trying to get the sawdust out of other people’s eyes pull the plank out of your own eye. Because of Jesus we live by a new covenant. So instead of putting that homesexual soldier down why don’t you walk up to them and say thanks.They are in different countries fighting the same war that you are putting thier lives on the line everyday.You are no better than them.So wake up people.We are the ones tearing America apart instead of helping to make it strong again.And the only way we can do that is TO GET OUR LIVES RIGHT WITH God.


  2. That is a very good point. If homosexuals can be open, then Christians should have the same rights and freedoms, and I know I would not want to shower with homosexuals. Why don’t they allow men and women shower together.


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