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Islam And The Constitution

Many people, such as Dutch MP Geert Wilders, have come to believe that Islam represents a totalitarian political system more than a religious movement. Islam is, in other words, a political philosophy with religious attributes more than it is a religion with political attributes. This distinction is very important because it changes the status of Islam in relation to the free exercise of religion clause found in the First Amendment.

A look at the history of our country also clearly demonstrates that the First Amendment has never been interpreted by the courts to mean that people can do whatever they want in the name of their religious beliefs. One example of this can be illustrated by the outlawing of Mormon polygamy in the 19th century. Therefore, in the United States, laws may be enforced to prevent Islamic practices and customs such as underage marriages, honor killings, whippings, and the implementation of Sharia Law.

All religions are not the same – as is often advocated by politically correct supporters of multiculturalism. There is a vast moral difference between the religion that seeks to dominate the world by the force of violence and the religion that wins its disciples by non-violent, voluntary association. Islam fails the litmus test that would qualify it for protection under the First Amendment because Islam would impose a political system that would eliminate free speech and freedom of religion. Islam seeks to establish itself as the “religion of the state”.

The premise advocated by many US politicians that Islam is a “religion of peace” and brotherhood is patently false. The sooner we rid ourselves of this delusion – the better. We must stop the Islamization of the US before it is too late.

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