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    This year I will be sharing brief excerpts from the articles, sermons, and books I am currently reading. My posts will not follow a regular schedule but will be published as I find well-written thoughts that should be of interest to maturing Christian readers. Whenever possible, I encourage you to go to the source and read the complete work of the author.

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Cooking The Books On Global Warming For “Profit”

Quoting political analyst Rich Galen:

“Of somewhat more import was the news last week that a bunch of climate scientists — in fact THE bunch of climate scientists — who have been at the center of the global warming movement were found to have cooked the books to make the ‘Earth-is-warming’ numbers work. According to … Dr. William Hamilton’s weekly ‘Central View’ column, emails which were hacked and released, ‘reveal that climatologists at Penn State, Amherst, the University of Arizona and England’s East Anglia University have been engaged in a conspiracy to: hide data that the planet is cooling, apply pressure to scientific journals to exclude studies casting doubt on their theories of global warming, hide data being requested under the Freedom of Information Act that would discredit global warming, and, delete any data in their files that would support the existence of global cooling.’ Yikes. The very people who 10 days ago were laughing and pointing at global warming skeptics for hanging on to their position notwithstanding the evidence in support of the man-induced effect on the Earth’s climate, are now very quiet. A lot of people have a lot invested in the business of global warming, and the concept of their scientific beards having cheated on the numbers, coerced their opponents, covered-up the data and shredded potential evidence is impossible for them to accept. Notwithstanding the evidence.”

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J. C. Ryle On Truth

Quoting J. C. Ryle:

“Never let us be guilty of sacrificing any portion of truth on the altar of peace.”

Limiting The Action Of The State

Frederic Bastiat

Quoting French economist Frederic Bastiat:

“The state tends to expand in proportion to its means of existence and to live beyond its means, and these are, in the last analysis, nothing but the substance of the people. Woe to the people that cannot limit the sphere of action of the state! Freedom, private enterprise, wealth, happiness, independence, personal dignity, all vanish.”

What Is Growth In Grace?

J. C. Ryle

In the words of Bishop J.C. Ryle:

When I speak of growth in grace, I do not for a moment mean that a believer’s interest in Christ can grow. I do not mean that he can grow in safety, acceptance with God, or security. I do not mean that he can ever be more justified, more pardoned, more forgiven, more at peace with God than he is the first moment that he believes. I hold firmly that the justification of a believer is a finished, perfect, and complete work and that the weakest saint (though he may not know and feel it) is as completely justified as the strongest. I hold firmly that our election, calling, and standing in Christ admit of no degrees, increase, or diminution. If any one dreams that by growth in grace I mean growth in justification, he is utterly mistaken about the whole point I am considering. I would go to the stake (God helping me) for the glorious truth that, in the matter of justification before God, every believer is complete in Christ (Col. 2: 10). Nothing can be added to his justification from the moment he believes and nothing taken away.

When I speak of growth in grace, I only mean increase in the degree, size, strength, vigour, and power of the graces which the Holy Spirit plants in a believer’s heart. I hold that every one of those graces admits of growth, progress and increase. I hold that repentance, faith, hope, love, humility, zeal, courage, and the like may be little or great, strong or weak, vigorous or feeble and may vary greatly in the same man at different periods of his life. When I speak of a man growing in grace, I mean simply this: that his sense of sin is becoming deeper, his faith stronger, his hope brighter, his love more extensive, his spiritual mindedness more marked. He feels more of the power of godliness in his own heart; he manifests more of it in his life; he is going on from strength to strength, from faith to faith, and from grace to grace. I leave it to others to describe such a man’s condition by any words they please. For myself, I think the truest and best account of him is this: he is growing in grace. (“Growth in Grace”)

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