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ED And End Times

In the words of Joel McDurmon:

End-times Dysfunction, also known as Eschatology Dysfunction, or ED’s Syndrome (named for Ed Smith, Captain of the Titanic), affect tens of millions of Christians worldwide. Afflicted by the mental and psychological effects of years of indoctrination by premillennial and dispensational views on Bible prophecy, these victims suffer from a profound worldview impotence, believing that Christians are supposed to live overcome, marginalized, and defeated lives. They then rationalize their apathy and begin arguing things like “the world is evil and Jesus will rapture us out of it in my lifetime,” “the antichrist is coming,” “Christians should not get involved in worldly things like business, finance, politics, or economics.” This compounds their apathy and leaves them averse to making any impact upon a society. . . .

They then succumb to paranoia, like the fear surrounding the Mayan calendar and the year (and upcoming movie) 2012. Is this the date it will al really implode? I think I’ll just roll over, hide under the covers, and go to sleep. . . .

The condition is only worsened by lack of theological nutrition. A high-carbohydrate diet consisting of dramatized end-times fiction and fanciful “prophecy” charts left behind from the sawdust trail and big-tent revival manias leaves Christians vulnerable to theologies built on emotions and fears rather than sound Biblical exposition.

Read more. . . .

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  1. Amen. I think it’s a waste of time and energy. A wicked generation looks for signs. We need to pay attention to the good things God has provided to us in this world and shower others with that goodness and kindness. There’s enough evil in the world and we need to overcome it on his behalf. IMO.


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