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    This year I will be sharing brief excerpts from the articles, sermons, and books I am currently reading. My posts will not follow a regular schedule but will be published as I find well-written thoughts that should be of interest to maturing Christian readers. Whenever possible, I encourage you to go to the source and read the complete work of the author.

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Carbon Is Not Causing Global Warming And Is Necessary For Life On Earth

global-warming-hoaxFrom: The Pen of Dr. Tim Ball

CO2 (CARBON) IS NOT CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING OR CLIMATE CHANGE. I can’t say it more boldly but it doesn’t seem to matter; the belief persists that CO2 is the cause and therefore a problem. The belief is enhanced by government policies and plans, which spawn businesses to exploit the opportunities they create.

A majority of the mainstream media pushes the belief because of political bias rather than understanding of the science. Evidence continues to show what is wrong with the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), but it is complex and so most don’t understand. The fact they hold definitive positions without understanding is disturbing. However, ignoring the fact that IPCC predictions are always wrong doesn’t require understanding of the science is completely unacceptable and proof of the political bias.

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“We Rob God Of His Glory”

John Calvin

John Calvin

Quoting John Calvin:

The whole human race having been undone in the person of Adam, the excellence and dignity of our origin, as already described, is so far from availing us, that it rather turns to our greater disgrace, until God, who does not acknowledge man when defiled and corrupted by sin as his own work, appear as a Redeemer in the person of his only begotten Son. Since our fall from life unto death, all that knowledge of God the Creator, of which we have discoursed, would be useless, were it not followed up by faith, holding forth God to us as a Father in Christ. The natural course undoubtedly was that the fabric of the world should be a school in which we might learn piety, and from it pass to eternal life and perfect felicity. But after looking at the perfection beheld wherever we turn our eye, above and below, we are met by the divine malediction, which, while it involves innocent creatures in our fault, of necessity fills our own souls with despair. For although God is still pleased in many ways to manifest his paternal favor towards us, we cannot, from a mere survey of the world, infer that he is a Father. Conscience urging us within, and showing that sin is a just ground for our being forsaken, will not allow us to think that God accounts or treats us as sons. In addition to this are our sloth and ingratitude. Our minds are so blinded that they cannot perceive the truth, and all our senses are so corrupt that we wickedly rob God of his glory.

Elementary Thoughts: Rebellion – Part 6

principalThe question you must ask yourself is, “What values do I want my children to live by?” I believe that true success in life is determined by the values you live by not the way you make a living.

In order to answer this question, I would suggest that you borrow a very practical business strategy by writing a personal mission statement for your role as a parent. I would suggest, in fact, that you write a mission statement for your life. It is amazing how many people have written countless statements of goals and objectives concerning their work, but have never even considered the importance of thinking through and writing a mission statement for their personal lives.

A personal mission statement should be written document in which you have set down your vision for what you want your life to represent. It tells what you hope to achieve. A written mission statement for your role as a parent would include the things that you believe are important in your relationship with your children.

You might begin writing such a document by asking yourself, “How do I want my child to remember me? Are there particular values and beliefs which I believe are important to affirm in my child’s life?” If you want your child to think of you in a certain way as opposed to another way, then you have to begin behaving in the way you want him or her to think of you. It is really very interesting, and very sad, how many parents want their children to respond to them in a certain way but have never considered that they must change their own behaviors in order to accomplish this. In other words, since the only person I can really ever change is myself, I must always begin by examining my behavior and motives. This is the first step in changing my relationship with another human being. If I want my child to remember me as being encouraging, I must learn to speak words of encouragement and act in ways that demonstrate encouragement.

If I want my child to be a Christian, I should not only take him to church I should live for Christ in my home, community, and work as an example to my family. That is the way that values and beliefs are most effectively communicated to others.

I must first decide, however, what is really important to me. This is why a written mission statement is such a wonderful tool for this process: It forces us to be specific and consciously decide what is really important.

What does this have to do with disciplining a child consistently? Everything! My purpose in writing this section is to help you understand that the important issue in disciplining your child is not whether you spank or not. The important issue is, are you consistent in teaching your child to behave in a responsible way? The really important issue is, are you consistently modeling a responsible life before your child? (Continued tomorrow)

Thomas Jefferson On Ignorance

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Why should we expect our President, Senators, Congressmen, Judges, and other government officials to respect the US Constitution when we have neglected understanding it ourselves?

“If a nation expects to be ignorant — and free … it expects what never was and never will be.” –Thomas Jefferson

By The Knowledge Of Christ I Am Strengthened

dove_spiritFrom: The Pen of B.H. Carroll

Every now and then in your weak moments, an enemy will come and whisper a doubt in your mind, either as to the trustworthiness or as to the solvency, or as to the ability or as to the reality of the One in whom you have placed your most precious treasure. I say your freedom from doubt, your freedom from distrust, after you have made the deposit, will be gauged by the kind and degree and satisfactoriness of the knowledge that you have of Jesus.

Now, I want to illustrate that and I want to take my own case, and it will be an experimental illustration. I do not believe that any man understands one-tenth part of the value of Jesus when he is converted. I think his knowledge of Jesus is all the time increasing.

I know when I was converted there was just this one thought in my mind: I wanted the forgiveness of sin. I wanted a Savior. I never had a thought about sins I might commit next year or ten years from now. I dealt only with my case in its present features, such as at the time forced itself upon my attention. I trusted in Jesus as far as I knew Him as a Savior and found peace in believing in Him.

But it was some time after that before I found out something else about, Jesus. I found by the study of the Bible that in the Atonement that He made for sin there was a provision not only for past sin, but there was a way by which you could get rid of future sins, and that Jesus was not only my Savior in that He died for me, but that He was my eternal Priest who ever liveth to make intercession for me, and is therefore able not only to have saved me, but to save me unto the uttermost, to save me next week, to save me next year, to save me in the hour of death, to save me in the disembodied state, to save me on the resurrection morning, to save me at the Judgment Bar of God. You see that as my knowledge of Jesus Christ increases my confidence is increased, is strengthened.

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