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The Democrats And Their Funny Southern Moments

AWR Hawkins is a Ph.D. candidate at Texas Tech University. His doctoral studies are focused on the U.S. Military and his dissertation on the Civil War era. He has been published on topics including the U.S. Navy, Civil War battles, Vietnam War ideology, the Reagan Presidency, and the Rebirth of Conservatism, 1968-1988. More of his articles can be found at www.awrhawkins.com.

In his very humorous article, “Time to Shoot His Goose?” – Hawkins writes about the extremes that Democrats sometimes go to in order to win southern voters.  He writes:

Democrats regard southerners as hayseed, gun-toting, backwater hicks who are especially embarrassing when screaming for their favorite NASCAR driver or pledging allegiance to “one nation under God.” Let’s face it, southerners are simply not genteel or refined enough for NARAL, Democrat-sponsored D.C. cocktail parties, or the European Union. Nor are we accustomed to surrendering on the battlefield as quickly and as frequently as the French-loving Democrats.

If you really think about it, the gap separating Democrats, who claim to represent “the people,” and southerners, who constitute a large enough segment of “the people” to make or break a politician’s electoral hopes, is so wide you can barely see across it. And that’s why Democrat Presidential and Senatorial candidates take the N.O.W. and “I break for tofu” bumper stickers off their cars for a just a couple of days once every four or six years, and have their pictures taken in a hunting vest or a pickup truck (but never in front of a Confederate flag) in order to persuade at least one southern state to support them. . . .

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One Response

  1. As a life long citizen of the great state of Tennessee, it doesn’t bother me in the least that I am not thought to be worthy enough to attend D.C. cocktail parties. I have always been a student of the human condition and enjoy “people watching.” I talk like a county bumpkin, hunt, and like pick up trucks. I wouldn’t join a country club if I did have the financial wherewithal and would rather eat at Krystal any day. As some of my contemporaries would say, “We don’t give a flying flip how y’all do it up North.”


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