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Where Does Senator Joe Biden Stand On The Issues?

If you really want to know a candidate, look at his voting record on the issues that are important to you.  See the real Joe Biden here. . . .

Christianity Ticks Bill Maher Off

Kristen Fyfe reviews Bill Maher’s recent appearance on CNN’s Larry King in her article titled, Maher: Christianity ‘the ultimate hustle.'” Fyfe is senior writer at the Culture and Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center.  Bill Maher is the host of the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher.  Maher despises Christianity.  Here are a couple of comments of note:

Maher on politics and religion – “… certainly in political life (religion has) had a terribly detrimental effect. I mean, did you see the Rick Warren thing?

“And by the way, let me just preface this by saying I’m asking people for perspective. I have it also.  Rick Warren, big improvement over Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. If we have to have a pope of the super Christ-ies, I’d rather it be him. He’s got good ideas about actually, you know — actually helping people. Because you know, one thing I don’t like about religion is that, you know, ask any of the truly devout. It’s not mainly about doing the right thing or being ethical. It’s mainly about salvation. It’s mainly about getting your butt saved when you die. And that’s why I think they’re less moral than ethicists.”

Maher on his new film “Religulous” – “So we’re not trying to point fingers in this movie. I think we do it — we’re laughing all the way through it. I think we’re winking and having a good time, and we’re not trying to be judgmental. But at some point, you know, mankind is going to have to shed this skin if he’s going to move forward. I do have a serious intellectual problem with it.  And on another level it just ticks me off. It’s just the ultimate hustle. It’s just ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.’ You know, why can’t they, I always ask — I asked Jesus at Holy Land, ‘Why can’t God just defeat the devil and get rid of evil?’  You know, and it’s the same reason the comic-book character can’t get rid of his nemesis. Then there’s no story. If God gets rid of the devil — and he could, he’s all powerful — well, then there’s no fear. There’s no reason to come to church. There’s no reason to pass the plate. We’re all out of a job. You know, it’s got to go on.”

Maher also believes that “rationalists” (people who do not believe in God) in the US outnumber blacks, Jews, homosexuals, and NRA members.  He believes that “rationalists” should play a more prominent role in politics.

Maher is obviously not a student of history.  What sort of political utopias have we seen atheism produce?  Communist atheism resulted in the murder of over 90,000,000 of its citizens in the 20th Century alone.  This total does not, of course, include the Nazis who were following Hitler’s atheistic/Darwinian agenda in exterminating millions.  These totals dwarf even the exaggerated claims of anti-Christians who point out the number of people killed in religious conflicts, the inquisition, and witch burnings over the last 1,900 years.  Most of these were really driven by politics rather than Christianity.  Much of the rest occurred from ignorance of the truth claims of the Scriptures.

This ignorance is very evident in Maher’s comments about Christianity.  What is even sadder is that many will believe him.

Have You Ever Heard God Speaking To You?

What do you think the voice of God would sound like if He were speaking to you today?  I have never heard the audible voice of God, so I do sometimes wonder if God is leading me in this or that direction or if I’m missing His guidance altogether.

The Bible gives us many examples of the ways in which God has spoken to His people.  God has spoken through a donkey.  God spoke through His prophets.  His angels have spoken to various persons for Him.  He has spoken through His Holy Spirit.  He speaks to all of us through His Word.  Is God speaking to you?

There is no three step formula to hearing from God.  We must, however, diligently read the Scriptures and pray.  God’s written word is our most certain teacher.

If God were speaking to you today, would you be ready to obey His call?  What would be your response?  Have you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  Is this relationship your greatest treasure?  If so, God will give you the guidance you need.  Be patient.

Know this above all, however: Jesus Christ was born into this world and lived a perfect life in order to die and pay the price for our sins.  He has risen from the dead in order that He may be the first born of many who will share eternal life in the kingdom of God.  This relationship is the “pearl of great price.”

Yet, there are still many who have heard God’s word, but are not ready or willing to fully obey.  They, somehow, believe that life won’t be as much fun if they do what God asks.  The source of this lie is Satan who hates and fears your obedience to God.  To refuse to obey God is to obey Satan and fall into sin.  Many have been deceived by following the voice of Satan instead of discerning the word and voice of God.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)

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