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Are Pelosi’s “Green Investments” A Conflict Of Interest?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is on a mission to save the planet.  She has consistently refused to allow a vote on drilling for oil because she says she believes it is all a hoax.  But maybe Speaker Pelosi has other reasons.

The dcexaminer.com has recently revealed what that motive might be.  The good Speaker owns stock in Clean Energy Fuels Corporation (CEFC).  Have you ever heard of T. Boone Pickens?  Yes, I’m referring to the Texas oil billionaire who is now promoting his new wind-power business on television.  CEFC is T. Boone’s baby.  This project will depend on federal subsidies and, don’t forget, high oil prices along with continued government restrictions on drilling for oil in the US.

Wind power may be useful, but it is not as reliable as the commercials paint it to be.  This, however, is not my point.  Does anyone else see a possible conflict of interest here?  If gasoline prices remain high because Congress refuses to make drilling our number one economic priority, Pelosi stands to make substantial profits in the wind-power business.  She is also in a position to help push federal subsidies toward CEFC.  I wonder how many other national elected officials have invested in this deal along with Al Gore’s carbon credits?  According to the dcexaminer.com:

“A search of Pelosi’s official web site found no announcement of the investment in the Pickens operation. A request to the Speaker’s official spokesman yesterday for information about the investment went unanswered. Coincidentally, Pelosi’s investment came the same month as the House passed the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, which she hailed as making the Congress over which she helps preside “the most open and honest in history.” There are numerous ways Pelosi could provide assistance to . . . Pickens, including helping secure federal tax advantages. Pickens expects at least 15 percent profits on the wind farm and associated initiatives. At . . . $14 per share value, Pelosi appears to own between 7,000 and 17,000 shares.”

By the way, Pelosi and Pickens are already encountering opposition to their little business deal.  Pelosi’s friends, the radical environmentalist groups around the country, are blocking both wind-power and solar-power production because they believe the wires carrying the electricity would disturb the beauty of the natural landscape and endanger some wild animals.  Who would have thought?

8 Responses

  1. This story has got to get legs. Republicans and Democrats alike would probably like to see Pelosi go. She is giving the Congress their lowest rating in years… lower than BUSH!

    If corruption won’t do it, what will? There is nothing more devious than politicians who decide what legislation comes to the floor when they personally benefit from that legislation. It is a CRIME. Ask Duke Cunningham! Of course, he was a Republican.

    Demand that Nancy Pelosi step down as Speaker of the House!

    We’re FEDUP!



  2. Ok, so I’m a little late commenting on this article.
    While I am not against alternative energies, there is one very critical piece that the liberals (Pelosi, et al) keep overlooking.
    Homes do NOT run on solar or wind or thermal or horse-dung burning generators. Rather, homes can run on batteries. All of these “sources” of energy simply charge the batteries.
    So what, you ask?
    It takes several TONS of batteries to power your house. For 100 million homes across American (and that is a low estimate), it would take 100’s of tons of batteries. Lead batteries.
    I thought we already had enough issues with “lead” in our homes, and landfills, and creeks, rivers, ocean fronts, etc.
    And, keep in mind, these batteries only last 4-5 years.
    So every 4-5 years we will be replacing and recycling 100’s of millions of tons of LEAD batteries all over this country.

    Any idea on how much it costs to transport all those heavy batteries??



  3. Nancy Pelosie has to go. She is a waste of taxpayers money. She is a self serving POS. If she goes maybe we could have her takes the rest of the irresponsible democrats with her.


  4. Maybe we could replace waterboarding with looking at Nancy!


  5. Just saw a former pic of Nancy – frightening. Guess the numerous elective surgeries did us all a favor. Oh, that they could have done something about the mouth, as in suturing it shut.


  6. WOW, what a set of teeth (‘o’)


  7. Fantastic web site=) hope to visit soon=D


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