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North Carolina Government Funds Movie With Rape Scene Of Child

Dakota Fanning

Why are North Carolina state funds being used to finance a movie with a child rape scene?  The movie is “Hounddog,” starring Dakota Fanning.  Fanning was 12 years old when they filmed the movie, but she plays a nine-year-old who was raped by a 20-year-old man.  There was no stand-in actress for Fanning during the scene in which she is fondled and partially unclothed.

The makers of “Hounddog” were given a $387,000 tax credit to make the movie in North Carolina.  Two other films have also been produced in North Carolina about sexual encounters with minors and they too were given similar tax breaks.  Is this how North Carolinians want their taxes used?

See OneNewsNow for more information on this topic. . . .

3 Responses

  1. “There was no stand-in actress for Fanning during the scene in which she is fondled and partially unclothed.”

    That is revolting.


  2. This is an old story, and your facts are 100% wrong. Dakota was never fondled during filming (the rape scene is depicted by shadows on a wall). You need to actually watch the movie before condemning it.


  3. The facts of this story are reported by OneNewsNow. Fanning does a seductive dance to get tickets to an Elvis concert, but is raped by the boy providing the tickets as her friend Buddy watches. The director says that no nudity is shown. Even if this is true, is it right? Fanning is a minor. It seems, at best, a cheap stunt for her parents to allow her to be portrayed in a movie this way. She is not mature enough emotionally to make a truly rational decision about the mature/adult theme of this movie. No one is saying that she was actually raped during the making of the movie, but using a child to portray this is sick. There are evil people who feed off of this rubbish for their own demented pleasures.

    The question still remains: “Should the state of North Carolina participate in funding a movie like this?”


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