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Harry Reid And Nancy Pelosi: Holding America Hostage To Environmental Fascism

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have effectively undermined all efforts to lift the ban on drilling for more oil.  Despite growing public support for ending the ban, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she won’t even allow a vote on lifting the ban.  Pelosi even boasts that in the House, the power of recognition and setting the agenda rests with the Speaker.

Support for drilling in the areas that have been banned is now over 73% in various polls.  Reid and Pelosi, however, seem to be impervious to reason.  Completely ignoring public opinion, the high price of oil, and the damage being done to our economy – they have misused their authority to block solutions to problems that don’t fit their personal agendas.  They demand that the nation trust in their peremptory authority to decide what is best for the American people.

When the force of logic is pressed against their irrational stance on oil and environmentalism, Reid and Pelosi can only react with hysterics and obfuscations.  Like their mentor, Al Gore, they are not beyond making up their own “reality.”  They shout, accuse, and toss out “so-called facts and figures,” which are later shown to be the meaningless products of their aides’ imaginations or faulty pseudo-science.

It is interesting to note in the study of history how totalitarian states seem to rise out of the perpetuation of a permanent sense of crisis.  Crisis is used as a means to expand the power of the government.  Fascist movements use a crisis to cut off or block democratic deliberation.  Radical environmentalism, as preached by Al Gore, is currently trying to use the same tactics.  By taking advantage of a heightened sense of emergency – which was created by government policy to begin with – radical environmentalists call for more government control over our freedoms to choose in order to create their imaginative version of an environmental utopia.  By creating a state of fear, environmental fascism has pressured for legal decisions and legislation by which they have gained a stranglehold on our economy and the financial means to intimidate US Senators and Congressmen.

Fascism was very popular with American progressives in the 1920’s and 30’s.  Are the secular progressives today reclaiming that movement?  Should Pelosi and Reid dictate to the American people that they must pay higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher energy prices, and higher taxes in order to create their mythical environmental utopia?  Are we witnessing a liberal-fascist coup?

If you feel the way I do, I urge you to make Reid and Pelosi aware of your disappointment with them on this issue.  We need to urge and demand that they allow a vote to lift the ban in the House and Senate on expanded drilling.  This needs to be accomplished before they go on break on August 1st.  You may email Nancy Pelosi at this site or you may call this number (202) 225-0100.  You may email Harry Reid at this site or you may call this number (202) 224-3542.  Please call your US Senators and Congressmen as well.  If public opinion will not move Reid and Pelosi from their illogical positions on this issue, then we must vote every politician, who has bent the knee to environmental fascism, out of office in November.  It is time to reclaim the American citizen’s right to a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people. . . .” (Abraham Lincoln)

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