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Reformed Presbyterian And No Place To Go

R. Scott Clark at Heidelblog writes in an article he calls “One of the More Distressing Posts,” about his concern for Christians who are looking for churches who truly teach the Reformed Doctrines.  He laments:

What if we convince evangelicals of the truth of Reformed theology and then we have no place to send them? Well, it’s happening. People become convinced of the truth of Reformed theology, they seek out a congregation that is nominally Reformed, that holds a Reformed confession (the Westminster Standards or the Three Forms of Unity). They walk in with great anticipation and excitement. They’ve been hearing about “law and gospel” preaching, about “the means of grace,” about worshipping according to God’s Word, and about fulfilling their vocation in God’s World. . . .

What they often find is a poor imitation of what they left behind. What they often find is manipulative preaching, sermons that neither drive sinners to Christ nor offer Christ to sinners but rather they hear sermons that consist of colorful illustrations (not bad in and of themselves) and advice or worse. All too frequently the services to which the anxious would-be convert to Reformed theology, piety, and practice attends, in the nominally Reformed church, are less devout than those the would-be convert (WBC) just abandoned.

I recommend that you read this entire post at Heidelblog.



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